Mckenna Shanholtz is the artist and owner behind Shanholtz Resin Art and Blossom boards. 

She first taught herself resin art after college as a way to fund her travels all around the world. Now she is back in Chicago and she has dedicated her full time to resin and acrylic art. 

Her inspiration comes from her father Scott shanholtz, who was once an artist. She has devoted her life to carrying on her fathers legacy and creating more art for the world to see.  


Art for a cause

Mckenna's Summer 2020 collection was made immediately after she got back from teaching English to schools in Southeast Asia. 

She promised one of the schools in Siem Reap, Cambodia that she would find a way to send them money when she got back to the states. 

In just a month, Mckenna Sold three resin side tables, and 15 resin wall pieces. All with 20% of the proceeds going back to the school in Cambodia. 

Mckenna hopes to continue to help important causes around the world with her artwork.